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Captain Daphrose Ntaramirwa is a role model
Dear editor, allow me to express my gratitude to your esteemed newspaper for brining to our attention the story of demobilised soldiers published in your different editions. These are real human interest stories that inspire us the young are important. In particular, the story of ex-soldier Capt Daprose Ntaramira, a woman who sacrificed to participate in the war that liberated Uganda and later Rwanda was very touching to me.

That she has decided to go back to school and gain more knowledge at her age is even more inspiring. There is no age limit to getting a good education. Please keep up the important job of bringing us real human interest stories that are inspiring.
Jane Kanakuze, London, UK (via email)

Who killed Habyarimana?
Editor, over the past weeks, particularly last week, the press and airwaves have been awash with the publication of a French report regarding who killed president Juvenal Habyarimana. While it might be good to establish the facts, I do not know why the dead are considered more important than the living. How many inquiring have been commissioned on only one individual?

How much money is spent on these? How much time and energy is put into it. Can’t all these monies, time and energy be invested in fighting poverty? I can’t understand the obsession with the dead here and how it helps us Rwandans achieve our vision 2020.
Kanamugire Moses, Kampala, Uganda